Cornelia Mantó

Design and production of jewellery exhibitors for: Cornelia Mantó. The goal was to communicate a new style exhibition design style inspired by nature and architectural forms. Copper and Parota wood were the chosen materials for creating these pieces.

City Cups

City cups is a project meant to be done by many people. The objective is to have a texture design for espresso cups made by different persons around the world, one design for each city! From India to Turkey, Mexico and the United States, we hope that this project keeps growing.

Dominica 19

Design and production of special coffee mugs for "Dominica" restaurant. What we wanted to show with this project was the free spirit related to the restaurant; a great variety of green, brown and gray enamels combined with the irregular forms of the mugs shows the importance that this place gives to the quality and design of every product involved in it.



Roca is a trivet for hot things inspired in the natural textures of different tipes of stones, the mixture between a clear hay wood and a rock inspired laser engraved texture creates a great contrast. As they are produced using a table saw with random cuts and angles, each one of them is different.


Interior Design project for a contemporary apartment, white mate paint and oak where combined in order to create a clean and comfortable mood. The design consisted on three furniture pieces, a table, a cava/bar and a cabinet for the room. 


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